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DrugEstores.com offers the most lucrative and exciting affiliate program on the internet. Join today and start reaping the rewards of one of the most successful affiliate programs available. Enjoy the benefits of our unique two-tiered system that allows you to earn excellent commissions from not only your own sales, but also from all sales generated by affiliates enlisted by you.

Earn Money Three Ways!

1.) Semi-Monthly Commissions
Get paid twice a month! You earn $20 dollars per patient sale, plus 10% of the product price on all orders & reorders!!

*Sales of Stamina-Rx generate a flat commission of 20%

2.)  Affiliate Bonuses
Take advantage of our exciting affiliate bonus program.
Each period you earn $5.00 dollars extra for each sale that is in excess of your best period's total number of sales!

For example, if you had 60 sales for your best period and 95 sales this period, you would earn the full commission on the 95 sales, plus an extra $5.00 per sale on each of the 35 additional sales over your best period... resulting in a bonus of 35 x $5.00, or a $175 dollars bonus!!

3.)  Two-Tier Commissions
Our Two-Tier System is the greatest tool in generating extra income. By enlisting successful webmasters under your
e-Scripts-MD affiliate account; you will have the potential to earn 3 to 6% of the total sales generated by the new enlisted affiliates in addition to what your site(s) produces.
One of the advantages of our Two-Tier System is knowing that whether you are having a great period or a slow period, the affiliates that have enlisted under you are adding to your monthly income. Two-Tier commissions are based on total number of affiliate sales per month that are under you*.

As an example, if you have 10 affiliates enlisted under you, and they made a total of 350 sales in a period, you would earn 6% of the total sales volume generated by those affiliates!!

The breakdown of the Two-Tier commission.

 50 Sales Per Pay Period
You earn 3% of the total sales volume from the affiliates that are enlisted under you.

  51-150 Sales Per Pay Period
You earn 4% of the total sales volume from the affiliates that are enlisted under you.

  151-250 Sales Per Pay Period
You earn 5% of the total sales volume from the affiliates that are enlisted under you.

  251+ Sales Per Pay Period
You earn 6% of the total sales volume from the affiliates that are enlisted under you.

The Two-Tier commission program does not allow you to enlist yourself under your own e-Scripts-MD account.  Our affiliate director is continually reviewing all of our affiliates' sites. Any affiliate found not complying with the rules and regulations of the contract will be terminated and forfeit all earnings.

The Benefits:

  • Earn money from referrals and residuals on reorders.
  • Products sell themselves.
  • The best prices on the Internet.
  • Real-Time tracking of your sales and commissions.
  • Pharmaceuticals represent one the most lucrative business on the Internet.
  • Receive monthly newsletters.
  • Have your commission checks deposit directly into your bank account with our direct deposit option.
  • Always new and exciting affiliate bonuses.
  • Affiliate Director is always available to assist you and answer any questions or concerns that you may have.
To join the rapidly growing e-Scripts-MD team of affiliates, please complete the Affiliate Registration form and our representatives will contact you. If you wish to e-mail us: affiliatedirector@e-Scripts-MD.com

Click here to Join our Affiliate Program.

*Please note that this commission does not  apply to sales resulting from monthly specials or promotions.



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