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About drugEstores.com

DrugEstores.com is a U.S. based Company that provides consumers access to online prescriptions over the Internet. We provide a comfortable and confidential means of secure ordering and obtaining FDA approved prescriptions discreetly from the privacy of your home through e-Scripts-Md. We highly recommend that U.S. citizens purchase on-line prescription medications from U.S. Companies for their safety and protection.

the process

We offer a Complimentary No-Risk Medical Consultation. Patients will complete and submit a medical questionnaire, which is thoroughly reviewed, by one of our U.S. licensed Physicians. If you are found suitable for treatment, your requested prescription will be issued and mailed to you by a U.S. affiliated Pharmacy. If you do not qualify for the treatment that you are seeking, any advice you receive will be rendered free of charge.

No Physical Exam Necessary

If you have had a physical exam recently and consider yourself healthy, you do not necessarily require another physical exam to be eligible to benefit from our medications. Our network of U.S. physicians can identify medical factors that would prohibit the prescription of a particular medication following a simple review of the patient's medical history. Both research and practical experience indicate there is no reason to suggest that an in-person review of patient medical history is any more relevant than an online consultation and that, for the majority of individuals, the Internet is a safe, confidential and convenient place to seek treatment.

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  e-Scripts-Md maintains the highest quality standards for the physicians in our practice.

All of our physicians are:
  • experienced, having at least 5 years of post residency practice experience licensed to practice medicine in the United States

U.S. Medical Compliance Disclaimer

All of our Physicians are licensed in the United States. If you wish to verify the Licensed Physician(s) that has/have reviewed your Medical History and issued your Prescription(s), you may obtain this information by giving us the name of the Physician on your prescription label and by calling us at 770-956-0403.

U.S. Pharmacy Compliance Disclaimer

Our affiliated pharmacies are in full licensed compliance for shipping medications to all 50 states. Only FDA approved medications are provided. You may obtain a free consultation regarding your prescription by calling the Toll-Free number on your label. Printed patient education information is routinely included with each prescription for later reference. Always inform all of your physicians and pharmacists of all your current medications and any known drug allergies.

  e-Scripts is meticulous about patient privacy and security. All information furnished to e-Scripts is legally protected under doctor-patient privilege law. e-Scripts will not sell or otherwise share any of the information you submit to us - including your e-mail address - and you will never receive unsolicited correspondence from us.

  e-Scripts uses the latest in Secure Encryption technology for our online ordering system. We take every precaution to protect the rights and security of each and every customer. All personal and credit card information is submitted using the highest level of security and precautionary measures available.

  ... "e-Scripts-MD is not one of those all too familiar anonymous online companies that take your money, ship a product, and then become invisible if you need help. They are real people who are genuinely concerned about their customers. My questions are always answered promptly and courteously, shipments arrive as promised, product quality is excellent and their prices are the best. Don't waste time looking any further - you've already found the best at e-Scripts-MD!"

D. Cohn

... "Had I ordered through my doctor it would have cost me at least $60.00 more plus the inconvenience...at the doctor's office. I tried to place an order online with a different company...they stalled every day with an excuse. I ordered from you and you were much faster, more efficient and much more pleasant to deal with...you all were great."

Wendy M.

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